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         Welcome at Van Ooy Billiard Supplies!

Worldwide supplier of exclusive billiard products.
Since 1912, more than 100 years, billiard trading companies can buy carom, pool and snooker products from our assortment. A choice can be made from more than 2.000 products, from Iwan Simonis billiard cloth to our homemade ferrule. We are the supplier of famous brands such as Longoni, Raymond Ceulemans and our home brand Artemis.
For professional billiardtable manufacturers, Van Ooy Billiard Supplies is the main supplier of Artemis rubbercushion. Also, we have a wide collection of billiard lamps.
For billiard rooms and associations, our d&k assortment of billiard timers and scoring systems are accepted as the most reliable billiard electronics for over 30 years. For billiard and webshops we are offering a wide variety of books, cue bags, chalk and billiard balls.
Van Ooy Billiard Supplies is an exclusive dealer for billiard trading companies and does not deliver products to private customers, billiard rooms or café’s.
Visit our online catalogue for an impression of our billiard products.
If you require information about sale addresses, please contact: sales@vanooy.com


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